Alan Holman

Passionate about Japan and Tech

About Me (自己紹介)

Hi there ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ, How's life?

Whether because you know me and I linked this site to you or you discovered it by pure chance, it appears that you've wound up on this little site of mine eh? Welcome!


I've been into tech since I was in Middle School where I taught myself VBScript and C# and created some learning tools for my teachers just for fun. Once I got to High School, I decided to take things a bit more seriously by working as a student IT support where I did cable runs and coded a utility for the offices to use for security camera view swapping. I also tried to get a computer science program started at the high school, though the plans ended up falling through so I had to continue learning on my own until I reached University.

In University I found myself right at home being able to study Python, Java, C++ and a whole slew of useful fundamental concepts. All the while I found myself researching and working on projects using what I had learned as well as applying the skills in Docker and React that I picked up during my summer internship.

Nowadays, I tend to spend my free time working on various personal projects, and when I'm not, I can usually be found tinkering with my HomeLab, or Relaxing while watching Japanese Media(ゲーム実況、TRPG配信、アニメ、などなど).